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From 1973, five children sat around watching three channels on TV and were told by their parents that they would get square eyes. These kids promptly escaped their teenage years to full adulthood. Today, still wanting to be 11 years old, they survive as protectors of retro. If you love the 70s and 80s, if you need help to reminisce, and if you can find them on social media…maybe you can join the Geek Force.

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Did you grow up in the UK with films, TV shows, cartoons and toys from the 70s and 80s? Do you miss those halcyon days of the past? Join the GeekForce now!

The Gospel of Geek According To Simon Pegg

“Being a geek is all about being honest about what you enjoy and not being afraid to demonstrate that affection. It means never having to play it cool about how much you like something. It’s basically a license to proudly emote on a somewhat childish level rather than behave like a supposed adult. Being a geek is extremely liberating” – Simon Pegg