An Interview With…….

We're very excited about a new addition to the GeekForce website! Over the coming weeks and months Craig will be sitting down with a number of innovative and influential people in his 'An Interview With.....' series.

Tom Berges Interview

Tom Berges of I Grew Up Star Wars talks about a topic dear to his heart - Star Wars. The first time he heard of Star Wars and went to see it, the places to visit to see filming locations, the effect the film had on him as an 8 year old, the merchandise of the films and Han shot first.

Tom also talks about his website I Grew Up Star Wars where people can send him photos of themselves wearing a Star Wars T-Shirt or holding a Star Wars toy. If you want to find out more you can follow I Grew Up Star Wars on Face Book and Twitter, you can find these through

May the force be with you

Lee Sullivan Interview Part 1

The first part of an interview with Lee Sullivan. Lee is a comic book artist who Gary and Craig first discovered through the artwork he produced for Transformers and Dr Who comic in the late 1980s. Lee became a favourite artist for both brothers and they say you shouldn't meet your heroes but this is someone who lives up to and beyond expectations. Craig said he wouldn't keep Lee long.....2 hours later they finished talking. This first 10 minute segment covers Nottingham Em-Con, how the comic book artist world has changed, Lee being a "nostalgia artist" until his latest project.... we then discuss how Lee became involved in producing the artwork for Rivers of London and have a bit of a laugh along the way.

Lee Sullivan Interview Part 2

The second part of our interview with acclaimed illustrator Lee Sullivan.

There are a few pauses in the interview which we have editored out where Lee had to go and help his wife with the car. However we have left the resulting conversation in the interview for your enjoyment. These "breaks" in conversation were at the start of this 2nd part of the interview and then at 3 mins 25 to 3 mins 40 another two "breaks" occur.

Apart from the fun of these pauses we discuss Strangeness in Space, how Lee started off drawing comics and got in to the business, drawing on his Rupert Annual and collecting toys and his wife's shoes.

Lee Sullivan Interview Part 3

In this episode Lee talks about his collection of toys, collecting them since he was a child and replacing ones he'd broken!

He then talks of how he began in the comic book industry after being a commercial illustrator for a number of years.

Gary Nicholls Interview part 1 - The Imaginarium

Here Craig talks with the hugely talented Gary Nicholls as he explores 'The Imaginarium - Eva's Story'. 

Gary Nicholls Interview part 2 - The Imaginarium

Gary Nicholls Interview part 3 - The Imaginarium

Gary Nicholls Interview part 4 - The Imaginarium

Gary Nicholls Interview part 5 - The Imaginarium

Who Is Gary Nicholls?

To find out more about this extremely talented artist, please check out the biography on his website via the following link -


Andy Fairhurst talks Star Wars

Andy Fairhurst talks to the Geek Force about his childhood love of Star Wars and the legacy it as left with him.

Andy is an excellent artist and a sample of his work is shown during the interview.  You can see more of Andy's art work at -