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Video Games: From Pixels To The Silver Screen, Is It Finally Working?

With the rise of the popularity of video games since the 80’s, Hollywood has jumped on the band wagon and tried to successfully, and in most cases unsuccessfully, to adapt them into movies. There were films based on the video game genre such as Tron and The Last Starfighter, but nothing of an actual video…
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Sony PlayStation – How It Changed Video Gaming

"The streets are a poor kid's PlayStation™" There I was on a warm early summer day in a small German town called Hameln, vying for space, me and 3 other friends’ clamouring over each other to look through pinholes of the local toy stores shutters. Passers-by precariously wondering what would be making 4 teenagers firstly…
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The Legacy of Zelda

“It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this .” Zelda has been around since the dawn of Hyrule, or for over 30 Years based on however you want to interpret it. The ever popular series of games have kept gamers questing well before the rise of RPG’s & MMORPG’s, and at a time where platform based…
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