GeekForce – The Hour of Power

It's hard to believe but we have now been doing the GeekForce – The Hour of Power since October 2015!! To ensure that our friends and followers all have the easiest possible access to our previous shows, we have decided that it would be a good idea to include all shows in one easy to access place.

We will ensure that all new shows are added to this blog, so as well as visiting the NG Digital website, you will be able to find all new and previous shows right here!

GeekForce - GeekForce - Steven Spielberg - Part 2

GeekForce - GeekForce - Steven Spielberg - Part 1

GeekForce - The Genius of Gerry Anderson - May 2016

GeekForce - Batman v Superman - April 2016

GeekForce - Nottingham Comic Con Special - March 2016

GeekForce - Star Wars pt 2 - February 2016

Geek Force - 'Star Wars pt 1' - December 2015

Geek Force - 'The Films of Tim Burton' - November 2015

Geek Force - 'Back to the Future' - October 2015

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