A man once said, “When you make a friend, you take on a responsibility.”

It is well known that British criminals were once upon a time deported to the penal colonies in Australia. It has been said that citizens who had evaded detection moved to Canada! So without further adieu, we at GF Prime, proudly based at stately Wayne Manor in the heart of Nottinghamshire would like to introduce the latest addition to the GF family, the dot CA cousin, our Canadian Cousin Thomas at - https://www.geekforce.ca/

"This might sound ridiculous, but hang on!"

Thomas is headquartered in his own personal Fortress of Solitude somewhere on the 2016-04-20_1020Canadian Tundra. He is a Whovian, a Trekie (not Trekker), Star Wars fan since 1977, and proud owner of Biggies ABNRML license plate from Canadian ground breaking sci-fi series Sanctuary.

It is said that he has been spotted many times in modern London awaiting the next arrival of The Doctor. His favourite haunts include UNIT headquarters at The Tower, St. Paul's Cathedral, the alien antenna in Lambeth, anywhere in Westminster, and London Torchwood HQ at One Canada Place. Coincidence? We think not!

"I'm not trying to be mysterious about it, it's just that what I do is tough to explain."

His knowledge of the trivial and arcane are virtually unmatched. He remembers dialog from sci-fi from 40 years ago, but cannot remember the list of 4 items his wife gives him for the grocery store! As a North American he says things like "color and honor" but really spells them as "colour and honour". He was drawn to the GF community, not because of the family connection, nor the love of UK pop culture or music, but because the community description used the word "Halcyon".

Despite the fact that London is the social, financial, cultural and artistic capital of the UK, he knows that true geography prevails and the true centre of England lies in the Midlands in Nottingham. There is no proof, but he also claims to be a supporter of the Nottingham Forest FC since the Clough years.

He is a fan of just about anything sci-fi, particularly if it involves space travel, the Montreal Canadiens hockey team (ice is implied in Canada!), and a contributor to various opensource projects, notably FreeBSD. Despite is nerdom, he is married and the father of two.

Welcome to family, Thomas. Glad to have you on the bridge with us!

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