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“Though nothing, will keep us together”

January 11th 2016 is a date that will be forever ingrained in my memory.  I woke to a dreary Monday morning, preparing myself to go to work, and as usual checked the Geek Force Twitter. When I saw the Sky News tweet I thought it was some kind of sick hoax. I checked the official…
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Last Christmas I gave you my heart

T’was the night before Christmas when all through the house…… I’ve never really thought about why I like Christmas. Let’s face it most people like Christmas, but can you put your finger on the reason why you love it? Family and friends you may only see at Christmas? People may make that annual pilgrimage to…
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Hour Of Power Tim Burton Episode

The idea for recording a show about the works of Tim Burton came from wanting originally to do a horror show for Halloween. When NG Digital wanted to air the Hour Of Power at 11am on a Saturday morning the thought of a horror show became redundant. We felt that at such an early hour…
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Nottingham Comic Con

We’d been waiting for Nottingham Comic Con for ages to come around. Originally we were going as punters and helping Kev. We were going to take the video camera and do some interviews but things sort of spiralled out of control. About two months before comic con we were preparing for the first radio show…
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Back to the Future Day – Do you remember the future?

So we are finally here in the future and now the past. The 21st October 2015. For those who have been living in a bubble this is the date that Marty McFly and Doc Brown go forward to from 1985 in Back to the Future Part II. It’s amazing that a film from 1985 with…
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NG Digital/Geek Force’s Hour of Power/Back to the Future

Through a random tweet by Gary we ended up being asked by Darren Patterson, the head honcho of NG Digital radio station, if we wanted to contribute to his broadcasting service with a show. We hadn’t planned on doing any audio and our main focus was going to be podcasts but as we had been…
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